3 Tips for a better relationship

​Do you want to build happy(ier) relationships?
These 3 tips will improve your relationship work

​There is strong separation energy in August this year and maybe you can feel it, too. The energies are so intense, that relationships that aren't on the good, stable ground are really on the test now. What no longer fits is now going separate ways. So there will be relationship work in the next few weeks.

​Maybe you feel these energies, too. Maybe it is dramatic in your romantic relationship right now and it goes up and down. Or maybe you feel it in your relationship with your mother, your sister or your best friend.

You may feel that the relationships are changing now because you are changing,

Seelenschimmer, Beziehungsarbeit

​and because you have taken off your masks with the soul work you have done over the past months. You can feel that you dare more to show yourself - your true, authentic ME.

Showing and living your ME´s automatically brings about changes. Because every time you change, your environment automatically changes with you. That MUST be so because we all consist of energy. If your energy changes, your environment reacts forcedly to it. It can't be any different.

Of course, these changed conditions also mean that the relationships move in one direction. This can be potentially challenging for you.

But - how can you arrange that you become happy in your relationships? How can you work on your relationships in such a way that your relationship work is really successful?

​Is there a secret to relationship work?

​I know, I know. In an ideal world, we are always and all the time in harmony, peace, and joy with our environment. Our loved ones are lovingly and supportively connected with us and our very best cheerleaders for all the ideas we have. They understand and support every idea we have, no matter how crazy it may be.

​Honestly, that's what Hollywood sounds like. But not real life. Here, the relationship doesn't really start until the lights are turned off in Hollywood.

That's why it's all the more important that you're willing to work in and on your relationship and to deal with your partner openly and lovingly again and again. Because your love, your partner and your romantic relationship deserve no less.

​What tips are there to make a relationship good and loving?

​One of the most important qualities needed in the relationship is an open ear and an open heart. When your loved ones tell you something, what do you do? Do you listen to them with an open heart and ears? Or are you thinking all the time about what you could say about yourself, what tips you have, you think you need to give or are you actually uninterested in the conversation?

​An open ear and the ability to listen lovingly can save any relationship.

​Even if I write it that way, it has nothing to do with theoretical knowledge. Quite the opposite. In my practice, I deal with people who just want to "talk" daily. They want to share their thoughts and feelings because otherwise they simply don't have anyone to listen to them seriously and with interest. But for me, this is an elementary part of the relationship work.

I see it as a testimony of poverty for a society if we lose the ability to listen to our fellow human beings attentively and with interest. How would it be if you were an exception and a light bearer ready to give your loved ones an open ear and an open heart?

​The ability to accept your opposite just as he is.

​Do you sometimes catch yourself "missionizing" your partner, your child or your best friend? Which means that you want to impose your philosophy of life on him because you have discovered for yourself that it is the only right way to live?

Exactly - it is the only way YOU want to live.

​To have a good, loving and respectful relationship - whether it is a romantic relationship or a loving friendship - it is not necessary to have the same views and follow the same principles in life. Much more important is that you can accept that your counterpart can form his own opinion about life and represent this opinion in conversations.

Seelenschimmer, Beziehungsarbeit

​Especially among the light-bearers, I repeatedly encounter the desire of a counterpart that thinks exactly the same way they do. Who has the same philosophy as they do. Who reads the same books and lives the same spiritual concepts.

But is that really necessary? How about if your counterpart listens to you and doesn't question your attitude. He has just not the same opinion.

In many cases, it is difficult for light-bearers to have good grounding. Many people who deal with spirituality have trouble grounding themselves well and identifying with life on earth at some point in the process. Many wish to go back to the other side. Imagine how a partner with good grounding can help you. He can ground you if you lose the ground under your feet and can support you if you long for the other side. If now both partners make the same development at the same time, then it becomes a real challenge and you run the risk of getting lost in a spiritual concept.

Willingness to speak openly and to forgive

​One thing is particularly important in a relationship: time to talk to your partner. To hear where he is at the moment. What he is dealing with and what touches him at the moment. But of course, it's also about sharing what touches and occupies you.

The more open you are in your relationships, the better these relationships can become. Yes, openness also means that you can be hurt. But every relationship brings pain to it. In every relationship, you will experience situations that hurt you.

How nice if you can cushion these situations with open conversations. And how nice it is when you can admit that something is bothering you or hurting you. Because every open conversation in which you stand by your feelings and share them with your loved ones is an opportunity for healing. It is a way to take off your masks and it is an invitation for your partner to open up as well.

Would you like to try these tips in the next few weeks? August might be a good time to do this. With a little work, you can bring your relationships to a whole new level right now. Approach your loved one in a new way and create a depth into your relationships. Something you only could have dreamed of.

What is your secret tip for a good relationship? Would you like to share it with me in the comments?
I would love to read about it.

​love & light

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