5 simple tricks to activate your third eye

​Activating the third eye

Seelenschimmer, drittes Auge aktivieren

​Have you ever thought about how to activate your third eye? Maybe you want to strengthen your clairvoyance or simply your intuition and make sure that you can better hear, what your spirit guides and angels have to tell you.

In this article, we will look exactly at what you can do to open and activate your third eye.

​1. practice visualization

​​I often have clients in practice or in online courses who seriously tell me that they cannot visualize. Usually the misunderstanding can be resolved within a few moments.
Trust me! Everyone. Can. Visualize.

If I tell you: "Don't think of a pink elephant", what kind of picture do you have in your mind's eye? That's right.

Most people also like to visualize negative things. Danger, accidents etc. That is also visualizing, but simply on a very unconscious and - to be honest - not very helpful level.

So, if you tell me you don't see any inner pictures, then I have to smile about it a little, because I am positive that this is not true.

​How can you practice conscious visualizing?

My simplest and dearest suggestion would be that you read.

Reading? I beg your pardon? What should I read?

Very simple: Take your time and read novels.
When you read and really surrender to a book, you automatically open your visualization power, because you have a certain idea in your head of what the things you are reading about look like.

Let's make an example. Imagine you are reading a book that describes a garden. This garden is big and has plenty of room for plants, flowers, bushes and trees. On the left side, there's a large bed of lavender and the lavender has been planted to give the illusion of being in a lavender field in France. The wonderful violet colour of the lavender shines in the warm golden sunlight. You can see and hear bees flying around and taking the nectar from the lavender and the air is impregnated with the scent of the flowers. You look around and next to this lavender field is a small white bench with colorful cushions on it.

Take your time now. Close your eyes and imagine this garden, that I've just roughly drawn up here. What exactly does this garden look like? Is the lavender light or dark? Does it only have 2 or 3 bees or does a whole colony of bees buzz around? What colour are the cushions on the bench? And what is the shape of the bench?

You see - you have visualized a garden.

NEVER tell yourself again that you "just" can't visualize. You can do it! 

“​Everyone can visualize.”

- Mari​sa Schmid

​2. Support your third eye gently

​You can activate your third eye very well by softly rubbing it. Gently stroke it with your finger and let the third eye know that you are caring for it.

If you wish, you could also use an essential oil or other scent to activate your third eye. As an essential oil you can use Acceptance, Awaken or Palo Santo.

Please make sure that you massage the oil very gently onto your forehead - don't get too close to the eyes.

Attention: There are people who DO NOT like this at all. This may have to do with old promises and obligations. More about this in point 3.

If you like to work with gemstones, I would recommend an amethyst or a lapis lazuli, which you can place on your third eye to help it open.

​3. ​release old promises

​There are spiritual people who still carry old promises and agreements from this or past lives with them. This can be, for example, that someone has decided - consciously or unconsciously - to close the 3rd eye with baptism. This can happen when the priest draws a cross on the forehead of the person being baptized.

Not every person reacts to this by closing the third eye - but it can happen that this closes your clairvoyance, your intuition and your third eye.
Feel into your body and the area of your forehead. If you feel that this could be an issue with you, then it is important that you release these promises and obligations and leave them behind so that you are successful in opening the third eye.

If you feel that there are still old promises and obligations and you need help with the dissolution, make an appointment. I can help you with the dissolution: Appointment

​4. set your intention

​Never forget it: you are a spiritual being and as this spiritual being you are a creator god. If you consciously choose a goal, then you can follow that goal.

A Creator God is a being that creates its existence. It is a being that makes conscious decisions. By making the conscious decision to open your third eye, you support your body to do so. The clearer and more intense your intention is, the easier and faster your third eye will open.

​5. exercise to open the third eye

​As a last point I would like to give you an exercise with which you can open your third eye.

I recommend that you find yourself a quiet place for this exercise. If you can darken the room a little, that's great. The darkness helps you to focus more on your inner self. Make sure you are not disturbed during the exercise.

​Now you focus your concentration on your heart and your heart chakra. Pay attention to the light of the heart chakra and how the heart chakra feels. Make it big and wide.

Now you focus your attention to your forehead chakra. Feel the forehead chakra, perceive it.
Now - without opening your eyes - you can look from the inside of your head into the middle of your forehead. As if you were looking up at your third eye with your biological eyes. This helps you to keep your focus on the task. Do it again and again when you notice your focus slipping away.

Now you perceive what it feels like to focus on the third eye. Can you feel the eye? Does it feel hot? Or cold? Is it tingling? Do you feel a pulsation? Just perceive and notice.

Now go into the depth of this feeling. Just dive in. Maybe you can suddenly see colors, or shapes. Maybe not. Don's worry - this just means, that it needs a little more practice.

Just concentrate on your breath and your third eye and go on.

You can repeat this exercise as often as you like. You will notice that it will get easier for you to connect with your third eye and that you get more and more information from the spiritual world. Especially the spirit guides love to communicate with you through the third eye and the better you are connected, the easier the communication will be.

What about your third eye?
Do you feel that it is open or is there still potential?

​Love & light,

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