A focus word for the new year

​Have you ever worked with a focus word before?

I love working with focus words and being accompanied by a certain word - or sometimes several - throughout the year.

But let me start from the beginning.

​But what is a focus word anyway?

Seelenschimmer, Fokus-Wort

​A focus word is a word that you choose for yourself and that should accompany you through a certain period of time - for example a year. It is a word on which you want to concentrate, to focus. This could be something you find difficult. Or something you want to achieve. Or something you want to pay attention to.

This year, for example, one of my focus words is joy of life. Winter has been a difficult time for me for many years. I need the sun and the warmth to feel good. The empty trees and the gardens without flowers and vegetables always make me a little sad and discouraged. I miss the nature beings, the devas and elves, which often retreat into the roots of their plants in the winter time and I lack the light and the brightness.

By focusing on the word joie de vivre, I consciously accept the beauty of life.

​But how do you focus on ​a word?

Of course, you can decide for yourself how you want to work with this word. For example, I hold my joy of life in such a way that I consciously integrate it into my meditation in the morning. I connect myself with the joy of life and I consciously allow it in my life. For a few minutes I go into the feeling of joie de vivre and take it with me into my everyday life. Thus the joy of life becomes a natural part of my everyday life and I am much more harmonious with the fact that we are in the middle of winter at the moment.

Joy of life becomes a very simple focus word for me.

But ​of course, sometimes I also decide to chose the difficult way... 

​How do you deal with a focus word if you don't resonate with it?

​Um. Yes! There are. *laugh*

The word "balance" has been on my focus word list for three years. By this I mean finding a healthy balance between work and leisure. The work-life balance, so to speak.

Now that I have a job that is also my vocation and that really makes this job a whole lot easier for me. 

Seelenschimmer, Fokus-Wort

​I love my work with all my heart, but this makes the focus word balance really difficult for me. I always find myself working on days when I'm actually free and accepting clients even though I'm already booked up this week because I just can't say "no".

I still have a lot of potential to learn.

That's why the balance will be allowed to do a lap with me in 2019 and I will continue to practice finding and keeping my balance. It's not that I'm always out of balance, but that it just creeps in again and again and I always have to keep an eye on it.

And so I just look at my focus words every day, or maybe every week, and reflect on how I feel about them. Am I in a good place with my focus words right now? Or do I need to change something in my behaviour?

​Yeah - it's easy at the beginning of the year, but what are you doing in July? In November?

​I know, I know. Of course, the joy of life is easier for me in May than - let's say - in November, when everything is cloudy and cold and the trees lose their leaves. (Although I can also see the magic and wonders of nature there).

But there is a small, quite practical trick.

You certainly have a calendar. Be it a classic calendar made of paper or an electronic one. Take your time today - I don't think you need more than 5 or 10 minutes.

Write your focus word into your calendar wherever you want to remember your special word. So today, next Tuesday, February 12th, May 31st and so on.

This way you stumble over the word and the focus that you have set out to do in your everyday life, and you go back into reflection with it again and again. Simple, isn't it?

Do you have a focus word?

What is it, that you have written on your flag for this year?

I would be very happy to read about it in your comments!

Maybe together we can make a list of great focus words that are helpful and practical for many readers.

Love & light

PS: A focus word MUST not necessarily mean work. My list also includes the word "holidays" for the year 2019.

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