About me…

​I am so glad to see you here!

Let me tell you something about me and my work as a spiritual healer and psychic medium.

I am Marisa Schmid. It is my task to support and accompany people on their way through life to a full conscious existence. On this page, you can read about me and my life and of course about the work I do.

Sensitive and spiritual counselling

This support can be, for example, through aura readings or spiritual counselling.

I can never tell before a session, exactly where this work will lead us. This can be energy work or a ritual, reading aura impulses, reconnecting with parts of the soul, or talking directly to your guardian angels and spiritual guides.

Seelenschimmer, Marisa Schmid

Of course, it could also be an intensive afterlife contact, with messages from someone who accompanies you from the spiritual world and wants to guide you with his words.

As a psychic medium, I can get involved in whatever is best for you at that moment.

Past life regression therapy and encounters with the soul

The past life regression therapy is a particularly powerful instrument for overcoming blockages, negative patterns, fears, and phobias.

It allows us to resolve problems from your past or a previous life.

This is also the origin of
the wonderful ritual of encountering the soul - a possibility to get in touch with your soul and ask for your impulses.

Training and coaching programs

​One of my most beloved activities is to guide wonderful women to work with their own intuition. In a yearly class I teach them how to read an aura, how to connect with the spirit world and the passed ones and how to become a great medium.

My training in the field of spirituality takes place in small groups so that each participant can feel comfortable and there is plenty of room for personal questions and answers.