Life’s Journey

Today I can say for myself; I am a crystal child.

I have learned that I am of those extremely early crystal children who has the duty to welcome following crystal children and to enlighten them the way.
It still takes a certain amount of courage for me to stand up and just shine like that. But through my experiences and life story, I have learned to accept and love myself unconditionally.

My life as a crystal child has led me through many stations, some of which are more beautiful and more difficult.

Childhood and youth as a crystal child

Already in my earliest childhood, it was clear to me that I was different from other people. I was subtler, more sensitive, more empathic and I was less able to deal with disharmony. When someone in my environment was excluded or mocked, I would show my claws and fight for the acceptance and integration of all children of the class like a tigress. So, I soon had the reputation of being “different,” and the weaker children at school joined me.

As a teenager, I could no longer see my purpose in life and doubted the reason of my existence. My hypersensitivity made it difficult for me to find my place in life as a teenager. For many years I was just homesick and wanted to go back to the other world, where I could feel accepted and safe. For over 5 years I went through a deep depression and was sedated with many drugs. It wasn’t until I was over 20 that I was strong enough to get rid of psychiatrists and medication. Probably also because I had taken help from the spiritual, holistic field and tried to understand my life with kinesiology and repatriations.

At the age of 22, I was finally able to stop taking the medications and knew that I had to go on a journey to find myself in order to be cured completely. This journey took me to Australia for many months. There I got to know the country and its people – but above all myself. When I came back, I had learned to accept myself the way I am and not to fight against being different all the time.

I could finally admit that I am a sensitive, clairvoyant person and realize that exactly this sensitivity makes me special. I learned to be proud of my gift and not to hide it anymore.

The acceptance and life of my spiritual skills

In the following years, I consciously worked on the further development and understanding of my spiritual gifts. The more I learned to accept myself, the more I developed my gifts, and the more people came to me for help and support.

Today I can say of myself that I have never been so happy in my life. I have found myself and my path as a shining crystal child, and I am happy to support and accompany other people on their way.

May I accompany you for a while?



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