Are you actually living in harmony with the moon?

​Full moon, new moon, blue moon, blood moon ... But - what is the energy of the moon?

​You've certainly already adored ​her, the beautiful full moon when ​she hangs round and silver like a disc in our night sky.

Or you've admired the deep black night and all the stars that you can see much better during the new moon.

And maybe you ​even know the terms blue moon or blood moon.
The Blue Moon is the expression for the second full moon within a month. That happens relatively rarely. On average, only every 2.5 years. Maybe you can remember the beginning of 2018 when we had a blue moon both in January and in March. That was quite spectacular!

“​The myths surrounding the moon are multi-faceted and ancient. For example there are 2 moon goddesses among the Celts. One for full moon and one for new moon.”

​The blood moon is the name for the lunar eclipse. When the full moon is in the shadow of the earth and ​the moon becomes red and very mystical.

​The influence of the moon on us humans

​Many of us are still not aware of the impact that the moon has on us humans. In the past, when we lived ​closer to nature, it was natural to consider the moon when we decided to harvest or sow.

But today, in our fast time, we forget about the influence of the moon very often - until we have another sleepless night, because new or full moon are ​getting closer.

In a scientific study conducted by the University of Basel, it has been proven that on a full moon night we sleep on average 20 minutes less than usual. This has to do with the pressure, which increases when the moon gets full.

Energetically speaking, it is all the more important that we live in harmony with the moon and do not forget what it has in our favour.

​But how can one live in harmony with the moon?

​For many years, it has been natural for me ​to follow the cycle of the moon in my life. ​I always take the new moon as a wonderful opportunity to adjust to the new cycle. Be it a meditation or a ritual, I associate myself with the energy of the moon and what I want to create for myself and my life in the cycle to come.

At full moon - when the energy reaches its peak - I like to take time for myself. I look at my life and think about what I want to carry with me and what I can let go off now. Of course, that ​often has to do with a ritual too or a meditation.

What I like to do in full moonlight, is, to charge my crystals. With the powerful full moon light - the sunlight reflected through the moon - the crystals are energized and ready for the next phase of the cycle.

Of course, these rituals, for me are not just using my stones or essential oils. I also love to connect with the goddesses and angels of the moon and their wonderful energy.

Especially for us Lightworkers, the ​moon, with its strong physical energy, brings much ​guidance and wisdom to our ​clair-senses and our intuition.

​How do you live in harmony with the moon?
​Would you like to tell me? I'm really happy to read your comment.

​Love & light

Seelenschimmer, Neumond Mond
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