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Seelenschimmer, Channeling Metatron

From love, wisdom and letting go

​The heading for June is just ​LOVE​Archangel Metatron ​ sends us a wonderful message for June. June is all about love.It is not just about the love between two people, but also about the universal love and of course about self-love.Love brings not only the connection, but also the separation and so you are asked […]

Seelenschimmer, im Einklang mit dem Mond

Are you actually living in harmony with the moon?

​Full moon, new moon, blue moon, blood moon … But – what is the energy of the moon?​You’ve certainly already adored ​her, the beautiful full moon when ​she hangs round and silver like a disc in our night sky.Or you’ve admired the deep black night and all the stars that you can see much better […]

Seelenschimmer, Selbstmitgefühl

Feelings arise IN you! Of self-LOVE and self-COMPASSION

​Loving others or self-compassion?​When I talk to my clients or students in my practice, I notice something over and over again. Many lightworkers are endlessly trying to please the people in their environment.This need to make others ​happy is often so deeply rooted in ​the light bearer, that they automatically first pay attention to what […]

Seelenschimmer, Madeira, Porto Moniz

Time out in Madeira

​Madeira is breathtakingly beautiful​I mentioned it already in the newsletter from the 1st of February, that I’m taking a break for a few weeks in Madeira and just relax.And that was such a nice experience, that I want to share it with you.Madeira is an infinitely versatile island. From the barren East across the lush, […]

Seelenschimmer, Lichtarbeiter, Lightworker

What’s a lightworker?

​In my practice I often meet people who are not sure whether they can call themselves a lightworker or – if you prefer that word – a light bearer.​The simple answer is: Yes, of course!​But what’s the complicated answer to that? Why is it so important to me to take a little more time to […]

Seelenschimmer, Fokus-Wort

A focus word for the new year

​Have you ever worked with a focus word before?I love working with focus words and being accompanied by a certain word – or sometimes several – throughout the year.But let me start from the beginning. ​But what is a focus word anyway?​A focus word is a word that you choose for yourself and that should […]