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Seelenschimmer, Transformation und Vertrauen in die geistige Führung

Transformation and trust in your spirit guides

​You are asked to trust in your spirit guides in August​The message from the spiritual world for August is beautiful. ​The higher beings ​of light ​let us know that we now have a particularly good, strong and clear communication with them. That sounds wonderful and we also need this good intuition, because August stands for […]

Seelenschimmer, drittes Auge aktivieren

5 simple tricks to activate your third eye

​Activating the third eye​Have you ever thought about how to activate your third eye? Maybe you want to strengthen your clairvoyance or simply your intuition and make sure that you can better hear, what your spirit guides and angels have to tell you. In this article, we will look exactly at what you can do […]

Seelenschimmer, Licht Klarheit Clarity

Light, clarity and loving connetions

​​Light, clarity and loving connections​In the channeling for July, the spiritual world tells us with lot’s of clarity, that we can now start with new projects. The final work we did in June is now paying off. For many people, June was very intense with the work it brought us. Many had to deal with […]

Seelenschimmer, Sommersonnwende

Summer Solstice – the feast of light and fire

​To be completely honest: I don’t often use the word summer solstice. I’d much rather use the word midsummer. Probably because that’s engraved into my wedding band.  And by knowing that – you might already know, that the summer solstice is a very important day for me. It stands for our relationship ceremony and a wonderful […]

Seelenschimmer, Channeling Metatron

From love, wisdom and letting go

​The heading for June is just ​LOVE​Archangel Metatron ​ sends us a wonderful message for June. June is all about love.It is not just about the love between two people, but also about the universal love and of course about self-love.Love brings not only the connection, but also the separation and so you are asked […]

Seelenschimmer, im Einklang mit dem Mond

Are you actually living in harmony with the moon?

​Full moon, new moon, blue moon, blood moon … But – what is the energy of the moon?​You’ve certainly already adored ​her, the beautiful full moon when ​she hangs round and silver like a disc in our night sky.Or you’ve admired the deep black night and all the stars that you can see much better […]

Seelenschimmer, Selbstmitgefühl

Feelings arise IN you! Of self-LOVE and self-COMPASSION

​Loving others or self-compassion?​When I talk to my clients or students in my practice, I notice something over and over again. Many lightworkers are endlessly trying to please the people in their environment.This need to make others ​happy is often so deeply rooted in ​the light bearer, that they automatically first pay attention to what […]

Seelenschimmer, Madeira, Porto Moniz

Time out in Madeira

​Madeira is breathtakingly beautiful​I mentioned it already in the newsletter from the 1st of February, that I’m taking a break for a few weeks in Madeira and just relax.And that was such a nice experience, that I want to share it with you.Madeira is an infinitely versatile island. From the barren East across the lush, […]