Aura Reading / Psychic Reading

What is an aura reading?

When I look at a person for an aura reading, I don’t just see his/her face, hair, and clothes. I also perceive his/her colors and spirit team – such as guardian angels – around him/her. The color of the aura is like a shimmer around the body, sometimes more intense, sometimes very soft.

Each of these colors tells me something and shows me what this person is dealing with. When I get fully involved in my work with my counterpart, I know where he has difficulties, and the energy begins to flow. Thanks to my psychic vision I am able to receive messages, images, and symbols from the subtle realm.

Aura reading is usually the starting point of my counseling. We begin with the colors, symbols, and images that I can perceive in the aura and then develop the conversation in the direction that is best for you.

I prefer to describe myself as a channel through which the energies flow. I channel the energies that my counterpart needs at the moment so that his blockages can be released, and his energy can flow freely. During this wok, I get messages from the subtle realm. Our guardian angels and spiritual companions have a lot to tell us, and I offer myself to forward these messages to the recipient.

A very specific and helpful method to support my clients is reading their aura impulses. I look at the 7 aura impulses and analyze, which aspects of the past, future, and present are influencing his/her life.

What is the benefit of an aura reading?

Aura reading is a wonderful way of determining your standpoint. In the colors of your aura, I recognize the strengths and potentials that you have brought with you into this incarnation, but which you cannot yet live completely. The aura reading is a jump-start and starting point to retake full responsibility for life.


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