Encounter with the Soul

What is an encounter with the soul?
The encounter with the own soul is a transcendent introduction.

The transcendent introduction is based on the knowledge of repatriation, but instead of searching for solutions in the own past, the client is guided to go directly into conversation with his own soul.

This takes place either at my practice in Basel or via Skype/Zoom at your home. For this, you need a computer or table that you adjust so that you can lie on your sofa and I can see your body and head.

The encounter with the soul is a very special form of the past life regression therapy. It gives you the opportunity to meet your soul and to get into a conversation with it. You can ask questions that are of particular interest to you and receive direct instructions and help from your soul as to the direction in which you can lead your life. The encounter with the soul is a sacred, very touching ritual that can have indescribably profound effects on you.

How does an encounter with the soul work?

During the session, you are in a conscious, but in a meditative state, so the transcendent introduction is not hypnosis. It is actually important that you are awake and can consciously experience them. You are always able to communicate with me and express your wishes and needs.

During the encounter with your soul, you will lie relaxed on the lounger in my practice, on the sofa or bed at your home. Since the transcendent introduction is a very touching ritual, you will surely want time and peace for yourself afterward. I, therefore, recommend that you do not plan too much of a day’s program afterward.

Which topics can I see during an encounter with my soul?

Generally, you can have a look at all topics that are on your mind. Be it the question whether you should buy a house or a dog, the question of your own vocation or life’s journey, or a reading from your own Akasha Chronicle. Anything is possible with a transcendental introduction. You alone decide where you want to go, and how far you want to get involved with your life topics.

How long does a session take, and how many do I need?

Expect 2 hours for a transcendental introduction. This gives us enough time for the preliminary and follow-up discussions, and for me to answer your question.

It somewhat depends on the topic whether a single encounter with the soul is enough or whether you need 10 of them. With a soul encounter, one session may be enough to give your life a whole new twist. But, of course, I can’t judge whether you would like another transcendental introduction in 6 months or a year.


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