Evidential Reading

What is an evidential reading?

When contacting someone in the afterlife, I – as the medium – make a link to a person in your life who has already died. This can be a mother, a grandfather, a sister or of course a child. Thanks to my sensitive abilities, the deceased person can communicate his or her message to you and thus speak directly to you.
Beloved people are not simply gone after their deaths; they continue to accompany us and often long to communicate with us.

How does the evidential reading work?

Through my clairvoyance and clairaudience, I am able to perceive deceased persons. With the help of the images they communicate to me, I can create a clear picture of the deceased person. Which means I can describe the person so clearly that you will certainly know who is talking to you.

What’s the point of an evidential reading?

If you contact someone from the afterlife, you have the opportunity to speak directly to the deceased person. Old injuries and uncertainties can be resolved. Or the deceased person can give you a gesture of love, gratitude, and presence.


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