Evidential Reading

​Have you lost a beloved one? Would you like to get in contact with him or her?
I can help you

​To love a beloved one can be devastating. It can leave you feeling lost and alone. Maybe you have the feeling, that you weren't able to say your goodbyes. 

Or maybe you have the feeling, that your loved ones really have something, they want to let you know.

​That's were we do an evidential reading. I am your channel and I help you to get in contact with your loved ones. You can read all about it here on this page.

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What is an evidential reading?

How does the evidential reading work?

What's the point of an evidential reading?

​To talk to a loved one on the other side is a very healing experience.

​​How long does a spiritual ​reading take?

​Can I get a spiritual ​reading via email?

​How can I book my spiritual ​reading and how do I pay for it?

How do I pay for a spiritual ​reading?