Past Life Regression Therapy

What is a past life regression therapy?

The past life regression therapy is a powerful tool to look at and resolve situations from the past – whether it happened in our youth, childhood, or in a former life – that have an adverse effect on our lives today mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

These restrictions can be phobias, fears, depression, neuroses, negative decisions and other blockages. In the past life regression therapy, I gently guide you to the traumatic situations so that they will no longer affect your present life.

Looking at and harmonizing a traumatic experience in a therapy session can give your life a positive, happy change full of ease.

Is there a difference between repatriation, past life regression therapy, and reincarnation therapy?

During a simple repatriation, we travel to the past to look at it. Nothing is resolved or worked on; it’s more like watching a movie you don’t have any influence on. During the past life regression therapy, however, we also look at situations from the past. But in the therapy part, we consciously work on this past and resolve the blockages and difficulties. You will be able to see and experience changes right after the past life regression therapy.

There is actually not that much difference between the past life regression therapy and the reincarnation therapy. Only the name ‘Reincarnation’ indicates that you only look at past lives, but not at the present life. However, this makes no sense in most cases, so I deliberately offer the past life regression therapy.

How does a past life regression therapy work?

During the session, you are in a conscious, but meditative state, so the past life regression therapy is not hypnosis. Nevertheless, you are always able to communicate with me and express your wishes and needs.

You lie relaxed on a cot during the past life regression, but it is still intensive work. It makes sense not to have any big plans after the past life regression therapy, but to relax the rest of the day.

Which topics can be addressed with past life regression therapy?

With the past life regression therapy, you can look at many topics of life. Phobias or fears, the question of where we come from or whether experiences from past lives are blocking us in this life. The past life regression therapy can also bring a lot of clarification in difficult relationship questions concerning the partner, parents, or children. The past life regression therapy always brings clarification and is a wonderful tool to solve old entanglements.

The past life regression therapy also supports in topics such as addictions, for example, if you want to quit smoking.

How long does a session take, and how many do I need?

Expect 2 hours for a past life regression. This gives us enough time for the preliminary and follow-up discussions, and for me to answer your question.

It somewhat depends on the topic whether a single regression therapy session is enough or whether you need 10 of them. With a soul encounter, one session may be enough to give your life a whole new twist. But if we are looking at a traumatic event that has been haunting you all your life, you should expect 2 to 4 sessions. From my experience, 3 sessions are very appropriate to view and conclude one topic.


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