Past Life Regression Therapy

​Here you can find all the answers about a past life regression and the past life regression therapy

​Have you been thinking about your past lives? Have you ever felt, that you would gain great wisdom from knowing where your soul came from? 

​In this case, a past life regression is a wonderful tool for you!

​I organised all questions and answers here for you.

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What is a past life regression therapy?

Is there a difference between repatriation, past life regression therapy, and reincarnation therapy?

How does a past life regression therapy work?

Which topics can be addressed with past life regression therapy?

​​Looking at and harmonizing a traumatic experience in a therapy session can give your life a positive, happy change full of ease.

How long does a session take, and how many do I need?

Do I have to come to the practice in Binningen (Basel) for a past life regression session?

​How can I book my ​past life regression and how do I pay for it?

​​How do I pay for a ​past life regression?

​That's what my clients think of my past life regression therapy sessions:

Great effects!

After the past life regression that I did, I could feel, that something changed inside me.

I felt more confident, more rooted and over the next days and weeks, I started to stand up for myself! I'm so proud that I was brave enough for that regression! It took a lot of me and it was really worth it.

Thank you!