Spiritual Reading

​Here you can find all information about the spiritual ​reading

​​I'm so happy that you are interested in a spiritual ​reading! 

​To make it easy for you to read, I have organized it in a Q & A Form.

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What is a spiritual ​reading?

How does a spiritual ​reading work?

Where does the information come from?

​My principle: Not I determine who conveys a message, but the spiritual world does.

What are the benefits of spiritual ​reading?

How long does a spiritual ​reading take?

​Can I get a spiritual ​reading via email?

​How can I book my spiritual ​reading and how do I pay for it?

How do I pay for a spiritual ​reading?

​What my clients say about my work:


Understanding, caring and on point

For me, Marisa is a wonderful human being.
In her work, she's understanding, honest, competent and caring.

As a medium, author and spiritual teacher she touches the lives of many. She helps them take the next steps in their lives and she helps them to heal themselves.

I love her humour and her down to earth way of explaining all the information from the spirit world.

Nicole G.

I'm thrilled

Dear Marisa
I have booked a session with you several times now.
You are just so unique and wonderful.

I'm over the moon with your readings and I wanted to say: Thank you!

Marge Scott

My life changed a lot!

Dear Marisa

Thank you so much for your work!

Your session with me changed sooo much in my life.

With your informations and the tools that you offered me, my life became so much easier and more filled with love and self care.

With all my heart,