Trance Healing

What is Trance Healing?

I like to describe myself as a channel. During Trance Healing (also called energy work), I let the divine energy flow through my body so that it can optimally activate the self-healing powers in the client’s body.

How does Trance Healing work?

During healing, the first thing I do is scan your body with my mind’s (third) eye. This allows me to recognize blockages and difficulties in your body. These can be muscle tension or scars from old surgeries. Then I let the universal energy flow through my body and hands and into your body. I am only the channel of the spiritual world, which helps you to activate your self-healing powers and to find your inner balance and harmony.

What is the benefit of Trance Healing?

The energy work brings you deep rest and relaxation. You can recharge your batteries and support yourself in giving your body the right and necessary energies. All this takes place in a quiet, harmonious, and loving environment. The energy work is your time, in which you can recharge and fill up with universal energy. You will feel completely rested and fit after the healing. It feels like a shower of loving energy.

Can a Trance Healing be done as a remote treatment?

Yes, of course. Energy is everywhere, and you may not want to leave your familiar surroundings especially when you don’t feel comfortable in your own body. The remote treatment is a wonderful solution for this. For remote treatment, we will make an appointment where you have time to rest and can lie down. I then work with the spiritual world to transmit the necessary energies to you. After the treatment, we can have a short exchange via telephone, WhatsApp, or text message if desired.

How long does the Trance Healing take?

A Trance Healing session usually takes one hour. It gives us enough time for preliminary talk and rest afterward if necessary.