The new moon – new things or still rather the old ones?

Todays New Moon is in Pisces. And that meas, that you are asked to go deep. Deep into your soul and feelings. But you know that already from Pisces, don’t you?

Maybe you can feel, that you are in a time of retrospect. A time, that you want to get right with your past and all it brought to you. The reason for that longing is, that you can feel, that there’s a new “ME” waiting for you. A new identity that waits for you to take it on and walk your steps with it.


The new “ME”

The new “ME” is powerful, strong and full of energy. It’s a “ME”, that you’ll love, because it wants you to show yourself in all your true self and completely authentic. It’s the energy, that embraces your whole self and helps you to get on with your souls purpose.

During theses days you realize, that it’s more and more important for you, to become a true and authentic version of yourself. A version, that never bends or deny itself, but is loving, full of light and attentive to itself.

This process can be painful sometimes, because the Pisces ask you to dive deep. Deeper than you would usually do. But you’ll see, that you are gaining strength and energy going that deep and that you will be rejuvenated and relaxed when you get on with you life and walk the next steps on your path.

Be observant about your feelings and make sure not to fall back into old fears and habits, that don’t serve you any longer. Don’t make any more detours. They are not necessary any longer and they don’t serve yours souls purpose.

The powerful new energies that you can feel, sometimes seem to be a little intimidating. It’s of great importance that you walk your steps anyway and that you’re brave enough to stand strong with your new “ME”.


The transition has arrived

Well, right now it doesn’t seem to be true (once more), but: Spring is here!!
(Eventhough it’s snow outside, while i write this…)
Still – spring is here and the sun is transitions from Pisces to Aries in just some days. When the sun is in Aries, it’s the time, that the new year is actually beginning. Aries is the sign, that tells us, that the sun is in its power again and that it’s time to go out and sow.

When you think you the time of the seed, maybe you think of a farmer too. But if you look at it from an energetic point of view, it’s not just the farmer, that seeds. It’s all about what YOU want to sow.

Do you have a project, that you procrastinated for a long time? Something you wanted to do “forever”, but never had the time or passion? Now is the perfect time! If you start a project right now, the chance, that you’ll actually finish it, is much higher, than if you’d wait and start – say – in August. Because when you start your project while the energy is on a high point, your project is going to be a lot easier to finish.

Aries carries an enormous amount of power within. A power that you can you within the next weeks. A power to help you to start your plans and to do what you always wanted to!

What are YOUR plans? What are you ready to leave behind? What project is it, that you ALWAYS wanted to do, but never started? Let me know in the comments below or write an email to me. I’m looking forward to reading from you!

Love and light,

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