From love, wisdom and letting go

​The heading for June is just ​LOVE

​Archangel Metatron ​ sends us a wonderful message for June. June is all about love.

It is not just about the love between two people, but also about the universal love and of course about self-love.

Love brings not only the connection, but also the separation and so you are asked in June to bring order into your life.

​Let go of what no longer fits

​Sometimes it is part of the "process of love" to part with things that are no longer appropriate.

According to Archangel Metatron, in the recent months, you have made a miraculous spiritual development, and you have gone a very long way in this journey as the bearer of the light.

Seelenschimmer, Channeling Metatron

​But now you should take your time to look closely at your life and think about what fits and what you can let go off now. Because letting go means you can put more light into your life, and that's just what you want.

​See through and solve old conflicts

This new clarity, love, and wisdom that you are ​gaining now, helps to solve old misunderstandings and conflicts. Your new perspective will tell you exactly where the cause of this conflict was - no matter if it's many years or even many livetimes ago - and you can dissolve these processes to truly ​resolve them. Even when it comes to karmic connections. Now is the time to harmonize it all. 

“​From love, wisdom and letting go”

​June will be joyful

​I am aware - the lines above read rather hard - but believe me: June will be joyful!

It's a month that will make you happy and ​jolly. Because you will bring old projects to such a wonderful conclusion now, so that you can open yourself to the new light that will come in July. July will come with loads of new beginnings and projects. Get ready for it!

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​Love & light,

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