Get lots of Lightful insights to understand your soul’s path in November

​You are asked to be patient...

​The message from the spirit world for November is indescribably interesting. The spiritual world begins in its words with you wanting to move forward now.

Maybe you are even a little impatient and want it to finally, finally go ahead.

It feels like when you have packed your backpack, put on your hiking boots, your walking sticks are ready. But now - right now - you have to take time to really feel in your heart where you really want to go and whether the route you have chosen is really the right one for you.

The energies in November are lively, energetic and they want to go ahead. And then comes the request from the spiritual world that you take your time.

​Feeling ​yourself, your souls wishes and needs. That you really connect with the desires of your heart. And to pay close attention to what is actually important for you and your soul.

So if you feel that you want to run away right now, take your time anyway. Feel ​yourself. Go into your depth and pay attention to what the wishes and plans of your soul are.

​The Portal Days around November 11th are ​going to be intense

​The spiritual world also points out how strong the Portal Days around November 11 will be. These Portal Days are bringing a real breakthrough. They will bring an energy that helps you to clearly perceive your inner being, your divine core and know what this inner core wants from you and your life.

It may take a little courage to really dive into these depths. But trust this: This courage will be infinitely rewarded and you will be relieved that you have taken these steps! It is time to be proud of yourself!

​The light shines brightly.
THE light? No! YOUR light!

​The light of the light bearers is THE change that brings harmony and unity into this world. It is the light of union, of connection. The light of love, harmony and ascension.

The spiritual world finds wonderful words to explain to you why your very own light is important and elementary for this process. It is important for you to let your light shine as bright as possible and why you are now challenged to courageously advance this path.

This is not about you doing something "big". It is about you deciding to let your light shine. It is your decision and it is also your decision how bright and radiant your light may be.

How would it be if you decided for November to let your light shine especially brightly? If you decided to bring light, harmony and love to the earth with all your strength? Not only now. Not only today. But every day in November.

Would you like to do that?
What is YOUR special luminosity, how do you touch the people around you with your light? Would you like to share it with me?

love & light,

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