Light, clarity and loving connetions

​​Light, clarity and loving connections

​In the channeling for July, the spiritual world tells us with lot's of clarity, that we can now start with new projects.

The final work we did in June is now paying off. For many people, June was very intense with the work it brought us. Many had to deal with painful issues. These topics often had a karmic origin, which made it even more painful for lots of people.

But now in July a new, very clear light flows onto the earth. This light helps you to recognize your soul plans and the wishes of your soul particularly clearly. You can now recognize what your goals really are and you are ready to pursue these goals consistently.

By dissolving karma it becomes much easier to realize your projects and become successful and happy with your goals.

​Loving Connections

​But not just that. Our connections are also very important in July. Now it's about recognizing why a connection is still right and important for you and what's helpful about it.

Through the new light energy that flows into the earth, you are able to perceive brightly what the backgrounds of a certain connection are and why this connection is important for you.

Seelenschimmer, Licht Klarheit

​However, the spiritual world also speaks to you that it is a good time to open your heart to new loves and new connections. They don't say this too clearly in the channelling, but the vibration is clearly perceptible.

​The eclipse of the sun helps to clear up

Tomorrow - July 2nd - is a total solar eclipse. We cannot see it here in Europe, but in South America it is clearly visible.
This solar eclipse brings ​a wonderful energy of clarification. It challenges you to look at your goals and desires in all clarity. 

  • Are your desires really your soul plans? 
  • Are you clear about your desires?
  • What steps do you take to fulfill your desires?

You are now challenged to go into total clarity and leave behind all that is still diffuse and foggy. You are challenged to manifest your desires with all your love and clarity and to use your light and the universal light that supports July in its energy to turn your desires into true goals.

What are your goals for July?
Which project do you really want to start and not put on the long bank?
Would you like to share it with me in the comments?

All the best,

PS: Do you need help to see your soul plans clearly? An aura reading is extremely clarifying!

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