Live your soul plan step by step

​Your soul plan wants to be lived. Step by step by step.

​For the channeling of October, Archangel Metatron has brought a helper as a support. The help comes from Archangel Michael, who is particularly attentive and helpful at our side this month.


The big theme for October is: Living your soul plan.

During the last months you could see more and more clearly which part of your soul plan you want to live now. What it is that you want to do next on your path of life.

Now is the time to put these plans and ideas of your into action.

​It is time to take the first steps that will bring you to your goal.

​Putting the findings of the past months into practice

​Perhaps you are wondering whether you really understand your soul plan or whether your insights are perhaps misleading.

The wonderful higher beings of light clearly say that what you can feel in yourself is exactly what it is about for you now. These are the next steps that are now being demanded of you.

The soul plan is seen by many people as something static. But it is not like that. It is changeable and adaptable and divided into many sections.

Now you are challenged to make very concrete plans and take the steps that it requires to implement the next section - the next part - of your soul plan.

​Changes come quickly - and they can come fiercely

​In the past months you have prepared yourself for what is now manifesting in your life. You were ready to look at your true, authentic ME and to see what you want to put behind you now. What is no longer useful on your path of life and which paths you now want to take.

Maybe you have already taken the first steps in this direction. And if not - be prepared that you will do it now.

“​You take one step at a time on your soul's path. It is not necessary to know the goal, because every step is equally important.”

​The spiritual world conveys very clearly, that the changes that are about to take place can come quickly and fiercely. You may feel like you are in a washing machine. But these changes are necessary and they are good. Give them room and space. The more space you have, the easier they can manifest in your life.

​Finding balance in your soul plan

​There are times when life seems to get so hectic that you find it hard to find balance for yourself. But that's what October is all about. That you find the balance between the outside and the inside, between giving and taking.

And it's about you consciously setting your limits. The spiritual world conveys an interesting knowledge: If you as a light bearer learn to set your limits clearly, you can be a teacher for all those who cannot do this yet.

So setting your boundaries isn't just about your soul plan or about you being better, but also about you being a leader for other people and showing them how they can perceive and set their own boundaries.

Doesn't that sound nice?
How did you start October? Can you perceive the energies? Do you recognize the next steps on your soul plan?

I would love to read about it!

love & light

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