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​​I need a session on an evening / weekend. What should I do?

​​I have an emergency!

​Style of the session:

​​Do you do your sessions on the phone / on Skype / on Zoom? 

​I have booked a session on the phone. Are you calling me or am I calling you?

​Are you offering session with Skype or Zoom?

​Are you offering sessions via email?

​Is it better to come to Binningen (Basel) for a session than doing it as a Distant Reading?

​Prices and payment: 

​What's the price for a session?

​How can I pay for my session?

​What are your bank details?

​I'm a retired person / disabled person. Are you offering any discount for me?

​Can I pay for my session after the session?

​​How to get there:

​What's the address of the practice?

​I'm coming by car - do you ​offer parking?

​I'm coming with public transport. How do I get there?

​How much too early should I be there?

​Classes and Courses: 

​Do you offer classes and courses in English?