Strong intuition and deep connections

The intuition is strengthened by the current energies

​The energies in September are all about intuition and connection. They sound promising and intense at the same time. And when I hear "intensively" from the spiritual world, then I know that it will get I N T E N S E.

Our spiritual companions convey to us that our intuition is strengthened for September. The energies which now flow into the earth lead to the fact that you experience your clairvoyance as strengthened. This means that you have clairvoyant images, your clairaudience intensifies and you will probably perceive much that has remained hidden from you until now.

September is all about intuition.

​Relationships change

​If we now assume that your intuition strengthens, this automatically means that your environment changes, too.

In recent months, this has usually meant that someone from our environment has said goodbye in one way or another. Relationships have separated, friends have gone their separate ways, and many people have ended their incarnation in recent months.

But this time the message of the spiritual world sounds more joyful. For now, it is a matter of deepening your relationships. You get to know new people who really enrich your life. You will dare to show yourself in your relationships. So that these relationships reach a whole new depth and a whole new connectedness.

​Intuition and Friendship: A whole new depth

​​If I let the lines go through my head, then I can feel that September will bring a wonderful harvest. The harvest of your work in the past months.

You have observed. You have worked. You have asked yourself again and again, whether you still want to go this way. You have had the courage and you have changed your path.

Now you can reap what you have sown and this harvest shows itself to you in a wonderful connection to your soul. You can now better understand the words from your soul and your spirit guides. You can integrate this truth into your life in such a way, that it is a benefit, not only for you, but also for your environment.

Showing your authentic self is what you are allowed to do now and what you have the courage for. Because September brings exactly the energy you need.

I know: we have an intensive month ahead of us.
Because we are in an intensive year.

But nevertheless, I can see and feel that this month will bring us a breakthrough in our connection with the soul and our soul development.

How can you perceive this in your life?
What has changed for you in the last few months?
Can you feel how your intuition strengthens?

Would you like to share it with me in the comments?
I like to read about it very much.

love & light

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