The 10 Most Important Signs That You Are On Your Soul’s Path (Part 1)

​Have you ever thought about what your spiritual awakening could mean in your everyday life?

​Accepting your own soul plan also always means that you are ready to go your way in a spiritual way and to expand your consciousness.

But what does it actually mean to expand consciousness and follow the soul plan? What does spiritual awakening involve for you? What consequences can this have for you and your life?

In this 1 part of this article we will look at the first 5 of the biggest changes you should expect on your way to a fully conscious soul.

​The first sign: Your work

​You no longer feel comfortable in your work. The longer the more you feel that you are doing work that does not correspond to your soul plan and in which you cannot recognize meaning. Perhaps you are even playing with the idea of further education, retraining or making yourself self-employed in some way.

This is a typical sign of a soul that continues to evolve because it wants to make sense of its life and follow its soul plan. Because she realizes that she has a greater purpose than just being a small stone in a huge mill and she wants to tackle this purpose and get started.

The most important thing is, that you realize that your purpose of existence - very often - is to bring light to the earth. By letting your light shine, you are a lightworker. Make sure you read my blog post about the Lightworkers: What is a lightworker?

Seelenschimmer, spirituelles Erwachen

​The second sign: Your Relationships

​Your relationships and friendships are changing. You suddenly realize that old friendships no longer fulfill you. Sometimes you can feel, that an old relationship seems to be shallow and doesn't mean that much to you anymore. This is because your soul yearns for a deep, soulful exchange and to be in contact with someone who has the same experiences and steps. This is also a typical sign of your spiritual awakening.

It sometimes happens that a person who goes on the soul path has the feeling that all his friendships and relationships break away and that no one is there for them anymore.

I can understand this feeling very well. This is for the following reason: Your soul creates space, so to speak. It lets go of what is no longer good and lightful for you, so that there is room for new relationships that will actually fulfill you. Sometimes this transitional phase can seem endless, but don't despair - it passes and in your life there will be people who really understand you and who walk the path together with you.

But be careful:
Just because you have decided that you want to walk the path of the soul, does not mean that you should simply leave all people behind. Especially in close relationships, such as love relationships or close friendships, it is quite normal for spiritual awakening that the partners do not take the development steps at the same time. Once one person takes a step, once another. Please be patient, respectful and loving and respect the speed at which your partner develops. Not every argument is a reason to end a relationship. Relationship work is ALWAYS the order of the day.

Sometimes people use spiritual process as an excuse not to have to do relationship work. But ​this doesn't work.

​The third sign: Being authentic

​You have no desire to wear any masks any longer and begin to show yourself as you really are. This means that you have the courage to show yourself authentic and genuine and tell the world what you have to say.

Of course this can mean that you are offending other people and that there are people who accuse you of having changed.

Seelenschimmer, spirituelles Erwachen

You can be proud of it because it is a sign of your spiritual awakening!

Often a change means that you stand more by yourself. That you lovingly accept yourself. That you put your needs first.

That is wonderful and great! If the people around you have a difficult time with it, it is their problem and has nothing to do with you.

​The fourth sign: Rest, seclusion and time for yourself

​You feel like rest, seclusion and time for yourself. This is completely normal, because you deal more intensively with yourself. You want to understand the call of your soul and the soul only rarely screams very loudly. Usually it is quiet and gentle and in order for you to hear this call better, you withdraw. That is really wonderful and you can be proud that you feel like it.

Perhaps in the course of time you will also realize that you will never get bored with yourself. That is exactly what this path brings with it. You enjoy yourself, your life, your spirit guides and your way and you don't need anyone to tell you what to think, do or leave. Beautiful, isn't it?

​The fifth sign: Your intuition

​Your intuition becomes stronger and stronger. This is a blessing and unfortunately also the potential for a curse.

Let me explain: The blessing is, of course, that you become more permeable, more lightful. You begin to listen to and trust your soul. You get to know the voice of your soul and you learn to trust it. This is wonderful and I am sure that you love to perceive your soul and its desires and orders ​in a easier way.

​On the other hand, there is also a great challenge hidden in it, because I always see clients in my practice who have become so sensitive that they can practically no longer participate in everyday life. Of course this is not good, because you are a person and every person needs ​connection, other people and the feeling to be a part of a community. If you never feel comfortable anymore in the environment of other people, then you withdraw more and more.

Seelenschimmer, spirituelles Erwachen

​However, the more withdrawn you are, the more sensitive you become and the more difficult it becomes to deal with people.

That's why I always teach my clients and students how to keep their distance and how to regularly practice moving between people. This actually helps you to be sensitive on one hand, but on the other hand to remain a functioning member of society.

Quite honestly: After a day among people, I must be able to withdraw. I need rest and time for myself. But nevertheless I like to go among people again and again and connect with them.

Can you recognize yourself in these 5 signs?
How do you experience your spiritual awakening?

Share it with me in the comments!

​Love & light,

PS: I will publish the 2nd part of the signs of your spiritual awakening on March 15th. If you want to be informed about it, you should subscribe to the newsletter.

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