The future is always better than the past

​If you read this statement, what does it trigger in you? How do you feel when you read that the future is always better than the past?

I don't mean the "general" future, but yours. Yes, exactly! YOURS!
I mean YOU exactly.

​YOUR future is always better than your past.

​I can pretty well imagine that it might confuse you a little bit. Maybe you even grumble a little or shrug your shoulders and think to yourself "What does she want from me?"

Let me explain my thesis.

​Your life is built on your experiences. What you have experienced shapes you. When you grew up in a cold, unloving household as a child, the path to self-love was certainly quite challenging for you, and you will still feel today that you are worthless than other people around you.

Seelenschimmer, Zukunft

​If you had a teacher who told you over and over again that you were just a loser in math, then you will probably not like math very much today and only use it if it is not otherwise avoidable.

Maybe when you were 17, a friend broke your heart really bad and you still have a hard time trusting someone who steps into your life.

​These are all experiences that have shaped your life and your view of things.

​Let's stick to the example of the broken heart.

So when you were 17, this boy broke your heart. You cried for days and crawled away at home. Your friends had to talk you into going back to school and you hid behind black clothes.

When you were 19, you met a man who was genuinely interested in you. But you were very reticent when he became enthusiastic about you and hesitantly approached him. Finally, you fell in love and took the plunge. For some months you were happy together, floating around on cloud nine.

A few months later and he cheated on you with another woman. You were devastated. Again a partner hurt you. You withdrew and ended the relationship and you swore you would never fall in love again.

Of course, this is not true and you still dared to enter into a new relationship when you were 24. But this love also failed after four years because your partner fell in love with another woman.

Do you recognize the repetition? Every relationship ends up cheating and hurting you. The older you get, the more intense these injuries become and at the same time, you live more and more in the conviction that you cannot have a happy relationship and that men will always cheat on you.

​"Your (negative) experiences shape your reality, and the fears that have arisen from those negative experiences shape your future."

​And so you create a future for yourself with failing relationships and a heartbroken heart again and again.

For me, that sounds infinitely sad. For you too?

​How would it be if you could break this loop?
How would it be if you dared to shape your life differently?

Your experience tells you: love is dangerous. I will always have a broken heart.

But that is only your experience. It is NOT reality. It is NOT the future.

It can be different in the future. Because the future has not yet been shaped. You are the only person who forms YOUR future and YOU have it in your hands to shape your future into something worth living and striving for.

Because it is easiest for your brain, you shape your future based on your past experiences. This is the procedure that means the least effort for the brain. That's why your brain chooses this path.

​Actually, we don't use the whole potential of our brain in our everyday life anyway, only a part of it. So what's wrong with giving your brain a more difficult task? Namely the task: The future is always better than the past.

​MY future is always better than my past!

Seelenschimmer, Zukunft

​I would like to suggest that you think about this sentence the next time you are "worried" or fear that your life is going down the drain.

Be the commanding power over your brain and your life and try to recognize every day: My future is great. I love my life more every day.

​You're taking the mastership of your life, and that's where we're going.

In which areas have you already mastered your life? How does it feel for you to know that your future is always better than the past?

Would you like to share it with me in the comments?

love & light

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