The magic of Iceland

​Iceland - Land of ice and fire

​I already mentioned it in the last newsletter. I spent the last weeks in the ​magical Iceland and enjoyed a wonderful time​ out there.

Today I want to share a little bit of "my" Iceland with you. This country is so beautiful, it is simply breathtaking.

Iceland is a land of fire and water. You can see and of course, admire a small or big waterfall at almost "every corner".

Many of these waterfalls are not touristic. We took a hike, on which we passed 9 waterfalls. But we only met 3 people in total.

Seelenschimmer, Island

​Iceland - The land of hot springs and baths

​The weather in Iceland is not necessarily "hot". The country was called "Is-Land" because the explorers could only see snow and ice far and wide.

If you take a look at the map, you will soon see that Iceland lies right next to Greenland. Therefore it has very little warm weather.

The Icelanders are pragmatic people. They have a lot of volcanic activity in this country. So they have a lot of heat as well as a lot of ice. It is common practice in Iceland to have a hot tub in the garden. A small pool filled with really warm water, where you can relax your tired legs.

Such a pool can be made of stone. Or sometimes just an old horse trough, where you can sit down with your travel companions and exchange wonderful travel experiences.

Of course, there are also many "official" baths, such as the Geosea in Husavik in the north of ​Iceland. There you can bathe in hot, mineral-rich seawater with a wonderful view of the sea. Icelanders don't like chlorine in their water, so it's quite normal to take a good shower before climbing into the hot ​tub.

​The Land of Gnomes, Trolls and Elves - The Land of Horses and Sheep

Seelenschimmer, Island

Iceland has always been closely associated with its natural creatures. So it is quite normal in Iceland to discuss with the elves and trolls first where a road will be built.

If you drive through Iceland with open eyes and an open heart, you will see trolls, elves, and gnomes at every corner.

​​You can ​easily recognize portals into the other world. And in conversation with the locals, you learn that for them, these nature beings are a normal part of everyday life.

​Just as it has trolls and elves everywhere, it has horses and sheep everywhere. In summer, the sheep live freely in the mountains and wander - mostly as a team of a mother and her twins - through the country.

Seelenschimmer, Island

​They love to take a nap next to the road or run hectically to the other side when a car comes up to them.

​And they always look so friendly and cozy ​when they calmly bleat at you.

​Horses are an everyday sight, too, in Iceland. ​It was a wonderful joy for me to find new horse friends everywhere, nibbling on my hands or my jacket.

​Too few words for a big little country

​I can't possibly describe Iceland in a small blog post. This country is too great for that.

It's a country where I've been amazed every day and where I've struggled for words again and again.
To say at the end: Iceland is breathtakingly beautiful.

Have you ever been there? Or would you like to visit it?
Let me know in the comments!

love & light

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