Time out in Madeira

​Madeira is breathtakingly beautiful

Seelenschimmer, Madeira

​I mentioned it already in the newsletter from the 1st of February, that I'm taking a break for a few weeks in Madeira and just relax.

And that was such a nice experience, that I want to share it with you.

Madeira is an infinitely versatile island. From the barren East across the lush, green slopes in the middle of the island, from the wonderful Levadas to the high mountains that ​rise above the tree line.

​From watching whales and dolphins to the wild, stormy sea - this island is a feast for the eyes.

I have spent a lot of time staring into the sea and enjoying the vastness, the colours, the salty air and the unpredictable wind. Madeira has an earthy, rooted energy and I could feel how powerfully this energy has supported me, to perceive my inner centre and to anchor myself in it.

​Natural swimming pools in Porto Moniz

​Of course I did not only look at Funchal with its Harbor and the famous botanical garden, but also the north of the island, with the beautiful, natural swimming pools in Porto Moniz.

We were lucky enough to be there when the sea was really wild and so we could see the wonderful difference between the quiet pools and the wild sea!

​It was so impressing to spend some time in this beautiful village and stare at the wild energy of the atlantic ocean.

Seelenschimmer, Madeira, Porto Moniz

​Hiking in the Levadas

Seelenschimmer, Madeira, Levada

​And in addition to the whole exploring and getting to know Madeira; I went hiking and it was just great. The hikes and walks along the Levadas were enchanting. The levadas are the irrigation system of Madeira and you can walk along these small (and sometimes bigger) canals​. Sometimes ​the hike takes you under a tunnel, sometimes past a steep slope. Sometimes the path leads through a waterfall, then back into the deep forest or to the source of the river that feeds the Levada.

If you are lucky you can be alone on these walks and just enjoy the silence and tranquillity of nature. Since Madeira is very green, even in February many trees ​were blooming, such as the mimosas.

​I believe - but I'm not sure, if you know better, correct me in the comments - that the mimosas in Madeira are called acacias. In any case, they are yellow. I know the mimosas ​from the carnival, the "Fasnacht" in Basel. Here they are distributed from the carnival carriages. They have a very specific smell and you can imagine how happy I was, when it suddenly smelled like carnival in Madeira.

If you are lucky, you can even see fish - trout - in the levadas. I was told, that they swim up the Levadas to spawn. Funnily enough, I thought it was a legend - untill I actually ​saw a fish one of my hikes. Just imagine, how surprised I was! 🙂 

Seelenschimmer, Madeira, Levada

​Whale and Dolphin watching

​One of the great highlights of Madeira was the observation of the whales and dolphins. In a small boat, we ​drove to the the big water and were ​so, so happy to be able observe many dolphins and whales. They were dancing, just as you'd dream about ​seeing it. 

You see, I'm very enthusiastic, when I talk about my vacation. It was just wonderful and I ​was able to recover ​wonderfully. Now I'm back and ready to start ​ with ​a lot of joy and strength.

Have you ever been to Madeira?
How did you like it?

Share it with me, I'd love to listening to your experiences!

​Love & light,

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