Transformation and trust in your spirit guides

​You are asked to trust in your spirit guides in August

​The message from the spiritual world for August is beautiful. ​The higher beings ​of light ​let us know that we now have a particularly good, strong and clear communication with them. That sounds wonderful and we also need this good intuition, because August stands for transformation.

​We are challenged to really strengthen the trust in our spiritual leaders​ and our Spirit Team and to go into a good, clear communication with them.​ This is the only way can we really perceive the messages they have for us and connect with them and thus with our soul path.

​Deep transformational processes that require ​devotion & patience from you

Seelenschimmer, Transformation und Vertrauen in die geistige Führung

​Deep transformations will happen in August that will show themselves inside and out. These transformations need a lot of patience and it is important that you continue to trust your inner self.  Because the themes you are working on now are big themes - things that have been on your mind all your life. Things that are connected with your soul essence and your light being.

​You are now intensely challenged to change into a direction that brings you into your own harmony and happiness. But this transformation ​needs trust and a lot of patience. It's not an easy one.

It's important that you d​on't hurry into changing your life, but allow yourself time to approach these transformation processes in peace and harmony. Take time to withdraw from the busy life around you. Plan a retreat just for yourself. Take your time to listen to that inner voice and to whatever your spirit guides want to tell you.

Because August ​not only brings transformations, but also connection. You feel connected with your loved ones and you have the possibility to go into a deep level of soul connection.

​The spiritual guides show themselves stronger and clearer

​The spiritual world is telling us for the month of August that they are getting more in touch with us. They convey their words more clearly and since communication in August is particularly simple and harmonious, they want you to give them the time and the peace to clearly connect with them.

How do you perceive the messages from your spiritual guidance particularly clearly?
What is your approach?

​Would you like to share it with me in the comments?

Love & light,

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