What does a past life regression actually do?

Have you considered that you would like to look into a past life of you, as well? Just peek at how it was "back then" when you used to live?

In a past life regression this is quite possible. But usually we do not do the past life regression out of pure curiosity. Mostly, we do it because a particular experience - perhaps a trauma, from a past life - is still so intense on our lives that it has a negative influence on us.

But let me start from the beginning

​At about 17 I fell ill with a life-threatening depressive exhaustion. I no longer had the will to live and felt totally misplaced here on earth. I saw no meaning and no future and felt completely cut off from my soul. At that time I was convinced that my life was a mishap - a plan that had gone completely wrong.

Seelenschimmer, Rückführung

In order to be able to be able to handle my everyday life to some extent, during this time, I got psychotropic drugs from my psychiatrist. Since we did not get a grip on my depression, over the next few years, they simply prescribed higher and higher doses of my antidepressant medication - which eventually led to my being barely viable and just vegetating.

During this time I realized that I faced a big decision in my life. In my opinion (at that time) I had 3 options:

  1. I continued to take medications that paralyzed me, stifled me and prevented me from actively participating in everyday life.
  2. ​I killed myself and thus ended my suffering.
  3. I found a way to overcome this depression and rediscover my joy of life.

But how could I overcome a depression that even my doctors and therapists could not handle?

I've always been interested in spirituality, and during those years there was an annual fair on the theme of esotericism and consciousness that I visited back then in Bern.

I wandered around the hall, wondering if I should let a cartomancer predict the future, or if I would rather go to a palm reader. In the process, I got into a conversation with an astrologer who had her stall at the fair and offered her astrology.

During this conversation, I mentioned that I would really like to be regressed, because I have always felt that I would understand my life better if I knew where I came from and what my task in this life was.

The astrologer looked at me wide-eyed and said, "But I do past life regression!"

You can surely imagine that I was thrilled and made an appointment with her at the fair.

A few days later I drove to the astrologer’s home, where we wanted to do the past life regression. I was allowed to relax on a recliner and a warm blanket was draped over me. Then I could just listen to the voice of the astrologer, who took me on a journey into the past.

​A Life in Scottland

Although this was almost 20 years ago, I still remember what I saw as if it had been yesterday:

Suddenly, I was in a swampy, monotonous area, somewhere in northern Scotland. I was a smart young woman, but unfortunately without wealth, who had been married to a widower and had to take care of his farm and his children. I could not live up to my enthusiasm for learning and thirst for knowledge in this sad life on a lonely farm, but was bound to life on a farm, which I did not enjoy.

The first years of this life were sad and daunting, but over time my husband and I became friends and we learned to respect and support one another. And so despite the circumstances, I was able to develop myself further and find a place in life, in which I mostly felt well. I vividly remember my joy when my husband, who was quite old at the time, gave me a book for Christmas.

When I came back from this ​session and returned to everyday life, I knew that I did not want to spend my life in years of prolonged depression. I knew that I really wanted to live and wanted to embrace the life and all the opportunities it offered me with both arms.

Of course, it did not work as fast as I had imagined. Over the next few months, I did ​past life regressions

on a regular basis and could see what my path was and what soul plan I had selected for this incarnation a little more clearly in each of them.

During the months that followed, I managed to slowly reduce my medication and finally stop taking them altogether. My psychiatrist did not agree with this, but I felt strong enough to make that decision myself, and when I took the last pill, I knew I'd never need it again!

Overcoming depression with past life regressions

This is my very personal path. I can not tell you if you can overcome depression with past life regressions. Because every human being has their own way and a different means is the right one for each person.

For me, the past life regressions was the right way to find my joy of life and my "YES" to this path.

Today I have been working as a return therapist for many years, because I am convinced that with past life regressions we not only look at traumas, but also take them by their roots and cure them there as well.

Over the years, I have been able to experience how a client could overcome her breast cancer with the help of past life regressions. (It is important for me to emphasize here that the past life regressions were just part of a broader therapy that this client went through, and in no case did she only do the past life regressions!)

I could witness couples finding to each other again because a trauma could be looked at in a past life regressions.

I have witnessed a woman with a desire to have children let go of her fears and conceive her child.

I witnessed how many clients were able to heal their often traumatic childhood experiences because they looked at them in past life regressions.

In short: I am fortunate enough to witness many many wonders while I accompany my clients on a past life regressions.

That's why I love this tool so much. I love to accompany my clients on these sacred, healing journeys and to show them that the sun shines in the sky for them as well.

It is a way for me to work instantaneously and very directly with the soul and to make its way in this life a little easier. 

Love & light,

​PS: Are you interested in your own past life regression? Find out more here: Past life regression​

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