What is “Seelenschimmer”?

Are you wondering, what’s behind the name “Seelenschimmer” oder “Soulshimmer”, as I translated it to English?

Well, let me tell you that story.

Seelenschimmer means the shimmer of the soul. That’s how I see the aura. It’s a wonderful shimmer around your body with your personal colors.
I love that shimmer!

Now – maybe you figured out by now, that I am Swiss. That means, my mother tongue is Swiss German. That’s a language that is somehow related to German, but it has it’s very own rules and words. (Lots of German people don’t understand Swiss German at first).

In Swiss German there are sooooo many dialects and words, that it’s pretty common to just invent new words or put words together, if you need them.
When we were searching for a brand name for me, we put together the word soul and shimmer and ended up with the beautiful word “Seelenschimmer”.

I love this brand name so much, that I just went on and translated it into it’s English word of “Soulshimmer”.