What’s a lightworker?

​In my practice I often meet people who are not sure whether they can call themselves a lightworker or - if you prefer that word - a light bearer.

​The simple answer is: Yes, of course!

​But what's the complicated answer to that?

Why is it so important to me to take a little more time to answer this question and to explain to you why exactly you can call yourself a light bearer?

​What makes a lightworker?

​In conversations with my clients, I always see the same misunderstanding. Many people believe that they can only call themselves light bearers or light workers if they somehow "work" with them. In other words, they have a practice or offer spiritual groups, they lead trainings or write books. They have a spiritual Youtube channel, or at least a newsletter, which they send out every week.

And, of course, many of my clients don't. And they don't even need it. The spiritual world always smiles when they realize how difficult we like to make our lives for ourselves - especially with topics like spirituality, the soul plan and the meaning of life.

​The spiritual world would put it that way:

Seelenschimmer, Lichtarbeiter, Lichtträger, lightworker

  • Are you interested in YOUR spirituality?
  • Are you a person who lives to the best of his knowledge and conscience?
  • Who treats others as well as himself lovingly and respectfully?
  • Who treats the earth just as lovingly and respectfully?
  • Do you pay attention to leading a conscious and mindful life?
  • Are you staying away from drama and are you willing to accept other people for what they are without wanting to change them?

​Congratulations - you're a light bearer!

Does that feel good?

A lightworker or a light bearer is a person who is ready to go the way of his soul. Without ifs and buts, but unconditionally.

Are you just wondering what YOUR path of the soul is and whether you also REALLY walk it? Be sure: As long as you think these thoughts and care about listening to your heart and soul - to your intuition - when you are faced with a decision in your life, then you are a lightworker.

​How you can work as a light bearer?

​You know - not everyone has the mandate to distribute their light in a spiritual practice. In my environment I have indescribably luminous people who work in old people's homes, in hospitals, in schools and kindergartens and even in banks and insurance companies.

Think about it: If every person who is on a spiritual path can only work in a practice, what would happen there?

Seelenschimmer, Lichtarbeiter, Lichtträger, lightworker

​People who are on the spiritual path anyway, would  have a lot more choice as to whom they want to go to. That can be quite nice... But there is a huge BUT behind it.

But those who aren't on this path have no points of contact with the light bearers anymore all of a sudden.

Imagine that all light bearers suddenly quit their jobs in kindergartens and schools? What happens to the education system? What happens to the children full of light who go to these schools? Do you think they would be fine without someone who understands them?

Imagine there would be no more light bearers in old people's and nursing homes? The idea that old people during their transition are only accompanied by disinterested, non-spiritual people is simply horrible.

​Now do you understand why it is not necessary for every light bearer to open a practice?

Seelenschimmer, Lichtarbeiter

​Can you understand why those of the light bearers who agree to continue working in schools, hospitals, insurance companies and banks are even more valuable to the spiritual world?

They are the ones who carry the light every day to places where it is most needed.

​YOU are the ones who bring light into the world as a carrier of light and actively ensure that our world becomes a powerful, lightful and loving home for all people.

​What is your contribution as a light bearer? How do you spread the light in your life?

Share it with me in the comments! I am convinced that if we all share where we shine, we will realize that together we shine tremendously strong and already anchor much more light on this earth than we are all aware of.

And so I wish you today:
Shine. Radiant. Bright. Uncompromising.

Love & light,

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