Spiritual trainings, Spiritual ​readings, Aura & psychic ​readings, Evidential readings & Past life regression


I am Marisa Schmid.
I am clairvoyant and clairaudiant and I'm a channel for the spiritual world. I am a medium and I work
with angels & archangels, spiritual guides & ascended masters, afterlife contacts and ​various forms of energy work.

It is my task to accompany and support people on their way through life by conveying the messages from the spiritual world to them and fondly guiding them in their process of consciousness development. 

On this page, you can get to know the different ways in which I will accompany you on your way to full consciousness.

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​In my blog you will ​ find the latest 

messages from the spirit world

​& ​helpful information for your life as a light bearer.

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